Singapore Corporate Access (or CorpPass) is a corporate digital identity for business users to transact with Government agencies online.
To login on MASNET via CorpPass, pleases note that you need to:

     1. Register for CorpPass Admin account (For new CorpPass Set-Up) 

         Only Registered Officer (RO) or Admin nominated by the RO can register for a CorpPass Admin Account.

 Registered Officer

- Register for CorpPass Admin Account (PDF) 1,160Kb

- View or Terminate CorpPass Admin Account (PDF) 1,589Kb

 CorpPass Admin

- Register for CorpPass Admin Account (PDF) 1,259Kb


     2. Create CorpPass User account

a) CorpPass Admin

- Create CorpPass Accounts (new users) (PDF) 2,518Kb

b) CorpPass User

- Activate Your CorpPass Account (PDF) 524Kb


     3. Assign MASNET Digital Service to CorpPass User

 CorpPass Admin

- Set Up and Assign MASNET Digital Service Access (PDF) 2,352Kb


     4. Link existing MASNET account to CorpPass account

         MASNET LO and/or MASNET User

                - Link MASNET account to CorpPass account (PDF) 790Kb

Last updated on 14 Apr 2021